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Sunday, October 11, 2009 ; 1:57 PM {♥}

so you should move too.

Next stop, www.thedopoj.blogspot.com, where life just gets worse.

it's time to move your asses now.


Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Wednesday, July 01, 2009 ; 3:10 PM {♥}

"If you really want something, reach out and grab it. That is what your hands are for after all..."

"Which is important? Your own happiness or the happiness of the one you love?"

"Those who give up without trying are the real fools."

-quotes from Hanbun no tsuki ga noboru sora

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Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Saturday, June 27, 2009 ; 12:06 PM {♥}

yay for me!

Wakaka. Just returned home at 3 in the morning. Then when I woke up at 9, decided to return Ms. Fang's call and guess what?

I am to be quarantined for 7 days :D Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Haha, I will kind of miss going to school with bin and gang but then... now I have time to finish my homework!

Dropping the quarantine subject, HONGKONG & MACAU was fab! I might be posting pictures but don't count on it. I still owe bins and mins some pictures after all. So anyway, shall relate to everybody my HONGKONG & MACAU experience :D

Day One 22/06/09
Woke up at around 8 in the morning and started on some last-minute packing. Haha, was searching for sufficient underclothes actually :D It was my first budget airlines experience and I thought it was okay. Except the budget terminal is so small and pathetic with only a Han's and a Macdonalds. It really looks the job. It is after all, a budget terminal. We were discussing lunch plans while having breakfast at Mac's. It appears that budget airlines have really expensive food, and I'm only talking about cup noodles. Mum wanted to sneak in some sandwiches but Daddy and I didn't really want to have to sneak around just to eat. Turns out our worries were unfounded. The people on the plane brought their own food and were all eating right under the stewardess' noses. Like seriously. They even brought an assortment of food ranging from fruits (e.g. grapes) to desserts (e.g. cakes, kueh lapis etc...). Nobody said anything about them so in the end we all ate Mum's sandwiches =.= After a four hour flight of sleeping with trombone concertos blasting throught my mp3, we finally arrived!

So, first stop... Ole London Hotel. It was actually pretty decent for a two-star hotel, being newly renovated and all. Everything was new and even though it was small, it was nice. I especially loved their television because it sports about 100+ channels. I was totally hooked on to their japanese tv shows with chinese subs. Really interesting and funny. And I even saw this... the anime Gokusen with... wtf?! Hokkien dubs?! It was really funny to watch because it sounded like ****. I can't really find words to describe, just really horrible. So anyway, we dropped our luggage and made our way to Tai Sam Pa - the ruins of Saint Paul's cathedral. On the way we shopped around through the streets and I found it amazing because they can have the same biscuit shop with like 5 branches and more on that one street. Tough competition >:D The church ruins were pretty awesome. Very grand and nice even though it's like old. We even visited a grave. After shopping around somemore we went back to the hotel and refreshed ourselves with a bath before heading out to find food. In the end dinner was settled at some roadside noodle store. The food was not bad and I didn't see any roaches or anything so I assumed it should be safe. Felt kinda cool eating there cause it feels like you were in a HongKong drama :D

Day Two 23/06/09
Today we were heading to HongKong! Left the hotel early in the morning to embark towards the macau jetty. Enjoyed my first Macau bus trip. It was okay, kind of like Singapore's transitlink buses. Anyway, passed by quite a number of Casinos O.O The boat that we sat on was pretty cool. The inside of the boat is like a plane and they have like stewardesses too. Except maybe they're not called air stewardesses anymore. Anyway, the fare is about 30 + SGD? It took one whole hour to reach but I was sleeping so it was okay. When we arrived we went straight to HongKong's MTR (Singapore calls it the MRT) and bought one day travel passes. With those equipped, it was straight to HONGKONG DISNEYLAND!

Disneyland has their own train station called the Disney Resort Station. It's on a seperate line and that line and is the only station on that line. At the interchange, I got a shock because the train that came was seriously a disney train. IT IS THE MOST AWESOMEST TRAIN I HAVE EVER SAT IN MY LIFE. They have like velvet cushioned seats and the windows are in the shape mickey's head. and they have many disney characters' bronze statues displayed in glass cases. Even the handle bars that hang from above and mickey-shaped. It feels totally magical inside and you feel like a kid all over again. Everyone, and I mean everyone, started camwhoring the minute they boarded the train. The Disney train station is also pretty cool. It looks like it jumped straight out of Kingdom Hearts. Anyway, you have to walk quite a long way to get disneyland from the station but it was kind of exciting walking there while listening to the disney songs blasting from those lamposts. It was freaking hot but it didn't put anyone down. The disney souveniers are really cute and fantastic I felt like buying the whole shop home. I totally regret not saving up more money to get myself something T.T

Disneyland is totally awesome even though it's really kiddish. There aren't any exciting rides but it is still fun because there are tons of shows to watch. We head straight to Sleeping Beauty's Castle fist because Mum complained that even though she went to 2 Disneylands already, she never made it to the castle. So well, we warmed-up first with that Dumbo kids ride. Saw many little caucasians sporting fancy dresses and cosplaying as the disney princesses :D They look so cute. It started raining soon after we got off Dumbo so we ran for shelter. We were just lucky to run into Mickey's Philharmagic performance just right on showtime. It was quite cool because I got to see french horns and trombones :D Haha, it's actually a 4D show like the one in movieworld except it's not shrek but it's with mickey and gang. I really liked it. It was really cute. Haha :D Then after we came out the rain stopped for awhile so we decided to move on to adventureland because we thought it would be more exciting there.

So we went to take the jungle river cruise :D It was kind of like some role-playing game. You go for a ride with the tour guide but you end up getting lost in some unknown part of the river kinf od storyline but seriously, our tour guide had lousy acting skills so it didn't feel the least bit exciting. Still, the river tour was kind of cool. There was a part at the back where we got stuck in some volcano place and real fire totally burst out from the rocks nearby. It was totally hot but cool at the same time. Then when we came out it started raining heavily again so we went to the restaurant opposite for lunch. Lunch was good and not as expensive as I thought it would be. The set meal was like 15 SGD person and it was extremely filling. I felt like I could die from overeating. It was still drizzling when we finished so we decided to go back to fantasyland (sleeping beauty's castle area) to watch more shows indoors. Was hoping to catch winnie the pooh adventures but they were undergoing some uppgrading so we went to "it's a small world" for a spin. Quite interesting to watch but also a little boring. Because it's just moving and singing puppets from different countries.

Next stop was Tomorrowland. Went to try out the only exciting ride they have there- Space Mountain. It's a high speed rollercoaster in the dark so you can't see where you are going. The only light around you are little dots of light that are supposed to be stars. I was so scared because it sounded scary but it's actually not as good as scoobydoo. I kept anticipating a really steep slope but it never came. It's just really fast that's all. So that ended in a blink of an eye. After that, we went to watch stitch's encounter. It's quite interesting and funny because it's an interactive show where you can talk to stitch and play games. The conversation between stitch and the little kids were funny. Then we went to sit the Buzz Lightyear astro blasters. It was quite fun because it a game where you sit on the car and you get a gun to shoot the monsters around you. I took turns with my mum to use the gun because my gun malfunctioned and didn't work. Dad got an imba high score that tripled ours =.=. I think it's because he had NS training. Also tried out the Autopia driving game which is actually quite lame because the car can move on it own even if you don't drive it. The only thing you can control is the speed of the car and when to stop and start.

Thereafter we watched a short water parade on the streets where the disney characters go around splashing water at you and making you wet. Thank goodness for umbrellas. Next was the Golden Mickeys Musical which is absolutely fantastic. It was really amusing and I like recorded the whole thing down. Haha, just for future reference though. The live singing and dancing was extremely fun to watch. Our last stop was supposed to be visiting the Tarzan tree house but when we came out of the tree house the festival of the lion king show opened its doors for us. That show was nice too except halfway through it got interrupted and that's kind of like =.= you know. It killed the excitement.

After we left disneyland, we went to Mongkok Ladies Market which is near our hotel. I didn't really see any nice shops which was quite a dissapointment but Cotton On was having this huge sale and I bought quite alot of things from there. We were all extemely exhausted from disneyland so we hurried to the hotel to get refreshed. By the end of the day, it felt like my legs could break.

Day Three 24/06/09
Had breakfast at this restaurant nearby. Hurray for Dim Sum! Today is Ocean Park day! I was quite excited about it. We had to take a bus there and it was quite a long journey. I was kind of tired but my dad was telling me that this will not be as tiring as disneyland because we will be watching alot of animal shows. Yeah right, not tiring my ass. The stupid ocean park is on a mountain and their pathways are like sloping this way and that. You constantly have to climb uphill. It is so exhausting. I only took one exciting ride because my mum died after that one ride and I didn't want to ride anything alone. We sat on this space ride that goes like around in circle then it lifts you up 180 degrees and swings you around. It almost killed me too. My arms hurt so much from that stupid ride. At first I was wondering why all the people scream as they go upwards and not downwards because I thought isn't the scary part when you go down and feel like you're flying? During the ride I finally understand. When you go upwards 180 degrees straight up, it feels like if you don't hold on, you will fall off the seat. especially when you are upside down. It feels like hanging on to dear life. No wonder my hands ached like crazy. Well, it was worse for mum cause she got so dizzy and only felt better after vomitting. Dad keep telling mum that she's not young anymore so she shouldn't sit such rides.

After that one ride, nobody wanted to sit anymore rides.

So, we focused on the animals. Went to visit the Sea Jelly exhibition and its totally cool. The jellyfish are really beautiful floating around. Also went to see their aquarium. They have extremely big fishes there. It was pretty cool. I totally loved the sea turtle :D I even saw a shark egg case. Looks quite gross. Then we went to catch a dolphin and sealion show. The show was a bit disjointed but the animals were so cute so it was okay. After eating some KFC-wannabe meal that tasted like sandpaper, we went to sit the cable car to get to the lower section of the park. I SAW A PANDA LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME. They were totally cute!!!! :D I so wanted to climb over to hug them. They are really greedy too. After they ate their biscuit and dranks their water, they went back to their enclosure, found a comfortable spot and started munching on leaves. ALOT OF LEAVES. They just sat there and kept on munching. Like as if they are having a eating leaves competition. Haha, totally cute <3 After that there was nothing interesting to do so we decided to move on to our next destination.

Next stop! The Peak!
First off, after alighting from the bus from Ocean Park, we had to walk a really long distance to get to the peak tram station. It was quite tiring walking there because you're walking uphill all the way -.- The peak tram was kinda cool. The hill or mountain or whatever you call it is like real steep and the tram just goes up like that. You kind of feel like you're riding on a rollercoaster except you never get to the part where it goes down. After a short ride, we arrived at the peak! It really is high up and you can see an amazing view of HongKong's cityscape :D Had dinner at Macdonalds and went up to the sky terrace to admire HongKong's night view. Super awesome view! It looks amazing from that high up. HongKong looks extremely pretty :D Everyone was squeezing around the edge trying to get nice photos. It felt a little scary though. I mean, I have this phobia of heights and I was that high up then. I could feel my legs turning jelly. Just so you know, jelly legs + tired legs = really wobbly legs. Couldn't stand being there for too long so we decided to head back to the hotel. On the way, shopped around the ladies market for one last time :D Didn't buy anything though. Tried their curry fishballs. HongKong people should really learn to eat more hot stuff. Their curry tastes like water :X

Day Four 25/06/09
Woke up later today because today is a slack day! Had Dim Sum breakfast at the same restaurant again :D We were going back to Macau today! Took the ferry back and had nice nap on the way... It was time to visit The Venetian Hotel. Took a shuttle bus from the jetty there. Decided not to have lunch at the hotel because it looked expensive. So we head on to the nearby TaiPa Village to have some authetic Portugese food at the Pinocchio restaurant. Another long walk to this village. Many shops were closed then and it look rather deserted. Even the restaurant only had like two other families eating there. The food was good though and really filling. Ate my first roasted pidgeon. Definitely tasted better than chicken :D We took a super long time to eat. By the time we finished eating, it was already... 4 pm? Oh well, made our way The Venetian Hotel after that. We walked for a really really really really long time before reaching. Haha, we were trying out a different route but ended up having to circle the whole hotel before finding the entrance. My dad was grumbling as we walked :D Took a few pictures cause the hotel was really nice. Then saw a family sitting a canoe or whatever you call it inside the hotel. This asian guy was rowing the boat and he really does sing quite well :D This group of China tourist saw him rowing while singing and they kept trying to catch his attention so they could take photos or something. They kept shouting "Hello!" to him while he was singing. I felt quite embarassed for them :X Entered a casino for the first time. Those gamblers were puffing away on their cigarettes in the air-conditioned room. Stinky! Was looking at them gamble but don't know how the games were played. Dad was like "Don't ask me this kind of things" when I asked him about the games. Was too full to have dinner so soon so we just went straight back to the hotel after that.

Day Five 26/06/09
Went to have breakfast at a nearby congee house before going to shop around Tai Sam Pa again. Bought two pairs of jeans from Giordano and a sesame street t-shirt from Bossini. Hehe, I love cookie monster! Their Giordano and Bossini have way cooler designs than in Singapore <3 Anyway, soo we were headed to the Macau tower for this expensive buffet lunch in the 360 rotating restaurant. Whoa, the restaurant is like on the 60th level! And it rotates 360 degrees too. So you're always having a different view outside while you eat. The buffet food was quite good. I loved the soba and this pork thingy which you can dip in 3 kinds of different mustards from different countries. French and England's mustard tasted like wasabi ._. Loved it still :D The cheese cake there is love! Haha, I loved their angel cake too, simple and nice. The view up there is also awesome. Somebody saw people bungee jumping halfway through their meal but we missed it cause it was too far away. But when we came out of the restaurant and was taking a breather outside, we witnessed people bungee jumping. Haha, we were just walking when we heard someone shouting "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Then we looked up and saw this guy falling from above. Quite interesting :D Went back to Tai Sam Pa to buy biscuit souveneirs and then grabbed our luggage from the hotel. The bus towards the airport from there took a freaking half an hour to come =.= Airport food there sucked. So expensive but not totally awesome. Hehe, wore a mask for the first time :D

And then it was back to Singapore!

How's that? Haha, I had fun :D

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Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Saturday, June 13, 2009 ; 10:12 AM {♥}

It's time for a transformation I say!

I shall work my very all since the future seems so dreary now. In order to change that I need a spell.

Transform myself! It's time for the lazy ass to change! Lift your butt up and get going lest the going gets you.

Can a lazy bum change into a workaholic?

We'll see...

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Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Sunday, May 31, 2009 ; 10:23 AM {♥}


It's coming! I'm going! I'm scared >.< I'm really scared.

But at the end of this treacherous journey, there lies my dream, faith, and hope.
Don't look down on me until you see what I can become.
I will put in my all in growing and maturing.
I want to become greater and better.
And even though you don't know me yet.

You will get to know me.

Be unafraid to catch your dreams lest they dissolve into thin air, leaving no trail behind.

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Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Sunday, May 03, 2009 ; 9:54 PM {♥}

I screwed up again.

Stop slacking/procastinating!

Try harder you lazy ass.


Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

Saturday, April 04, 2009 ; 10:44 AM {♥}

I'm sorry, Mr. Ng.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Wong.
I'm sorry, Mr. Lim.
I'm sorry, Mr. Teo.
I'm sorry, Mr. Iskandar.
I'm sorry, Mdm Sau.
I'm sorry, Nicholas.
I'm sorry, Javier.
I'm sorry, Si Hui.
I'm sorry, Benjamin.
I'm sorry, Jiamin.
I'm sorry, Isaac.
I'm sorry, Laura.
I'm sorry, Wei Ting.

I apologize to all the alumni too.

I failed. I couldn't do it. Couldn't make anyone proud of me.

To Nicholas Tan, I'm especially sorry.
Through all these times you've been with us. Taught us even though you could very well study for your A Levels. You've encouraged us. You've cared for us.

But I couldn't do anything to repay you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. Sorry I couldn't get back the GWH for you. Sorry I couldn't even get a gold.

I don't know how to face you anymore.

To Mr. Ng and Mrs. Wong, I'm especially sorry too.

You loved us, cared for us, were concerned about us... But I couldn't reward your efforts. There is no GWH to give. Mr. Ng always scolded us before. But I know he was just concerned about us. He lost his sleep, always thinking about us and always making time to take us. He tried to teach us everything he knew. But why couldn't we become good enough? I'm sorry, Mr. Ng, I truly am. We have failed you. To Mrs. Wong, we couldn't give you the GWH even though you've stood by us. Everybody understands your love for this band and your love for all of us. We wanted to give you something in return for all the love and effort you put into us. We wanted to, but we failed.

I'm sorry to the both of you, really.

To all the alumnis, I don't know how to face you guys. We've ruined the DHSSB you created. We've brought it down to shambles. The GWH you've all worked so hard to achieve is now replaced by a mere silver. I am truly ashamed of myself. I am sorry. Really sorry...

I'm sorry to everybody who pinned high hopes on us.

There's no need to worry about me. I've fell and shed tears till my eyes run dry.

So now, it's time to climb back up. I want to climb even higher than before.

I hope Mr. Ng can give us another chance. Because we don't want to give up now. We want to continue this journey until we get the GWH. Please, give us another chance.

Senior High Band, I will definitely be a part of it.

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Yours sincerely, MS. JINGS {♥}

the self-proclaimed guy {♥}
I'm not alone :D

Zhong Jingjie :D
angsty sixteen :/
DHSSB. bass trombone >:D

wishes {♥}
a girl can dream (:
{♥}to do my best in everything
{♥}slap her & her !
{♥}get 3.4 GPA and above :/
{♥}stop losing hair!
{♥}new wallet
{♥}new phone with decent camera
{♥}total makeover :D
{♥}more tiggers!
{♥}learn to play the french horn!
{♥}be a guitarist!
{♥}grow up :D

Gaytalk {♥}
swearing not allowed :/

Affiliates {♥}

6A'05 :D
Bernice :D
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